Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Day to Celebrate!

Ol' Blue Eyes (aka Hubby) celebrated another birthday on April 1. Yes, on April Fool's Day! His mom used to say, "Well, he didn't fool us." We had much to celebrate--good health, some great memories of things we've done in the past year, and many other blessings. The day started out with a surprise phone call from our daughter who had her class sing "Happy Birthday" to her dad. That made his day! Then we drove over to Palm Springs to see Our Savior's Church which Hubby helped build last year. It was a pleasure to see the finished product. There were several subcontracted jobs to be completed when the Laborers for Christ responsibilities were done and we left for another project in North Idaho. It all turned out beautifully. This congregation has a wonderful site to use in ministering to the community. After our tour, we went to Chen Ling (a favorite Chinese restaurant in Palm Springs) for lunch. As has been our previous experience, the food was delicious. Following lunch, we dropped by "Wally World" for a little shopping. The first item on the list was a birthday gift for Ol' Blue Eyes--a pair of shorts. With the weather in SoCal getting quite warm these days, he can make good use of a good pair of shorts for spiffing up a little. Of course, we also shopped for some groceries including angel food cake, strawberries, and ice cream to make a nice birthday treat at supper time. As celebrations go, most people would think it was rather quiet; but, it was special to us. How blessed we are to still enjoy each other's company after so many years together. Thank you, God!

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