Monday, May 12, 2014


It’s times like Mother’s Day that remind me how much I miss being near our children and grandchildren. As great as my hubby made my day (and he pampered me royally), I missed seeing my children and grandchildren.

I have pictures of the grandchildren as the rotating desktop pictures on the laptop. I love seeing their sweet faces when I use the computer. I ache to hold them in my arms. I look forward with eager anticipation to the time this summer when we can visit them again. I already know it will be too short a visit, but it will be wonderful to have a few days to spend with them.
In my daydreams, we live much closer to where they live. I daydream of living close enough to visit every few weeks and to have them visit us from time to time. I daydream of being together on some of the holidays and of celebrating special occasions.
However, daydreams are just that—daydreams! For now, I must be satisfied with looking forward to a summer visit and to phone calls.
I continue to look forward to my daydream becoming reality. I will not give up on my daydreams!
Question: What are your daydreams? Share one daydream you hold on to in anticipation of it becoming reality?

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